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If you are advising a client who is considering a planned gift or bequest to Fenway School of Psychology, we welcome the opportunity to work with you in helping your clients. Please use the below resources and tools and feel free to contact us anytime for further information or assistance on a confidential basis.

Here is some basic information about our organization:

Legal Name
All charitable gifts should be directed to “Fenway School of Psychology, a Massachusetts 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, charitable organization, or its successor, Federal Tax Identification Number: 05-0505055.”

Tax I.D. Number
Fenway School of Psychology's Tax ID number is 05-0505055.

Consistent with safeguarding its own interests, Fenway School of Psychology tries to make arranging a gift for the organization’s benefit as easy as possible, and we strive to honor the intentions of all our donors. Accordingly, we hope the following will prove helpful:

  • Click here for suggested bequest wording.
  • Click here for securities transfer instructions.
  • Click here for a copy of Fenway School of Psychology’s gift acceptance policies.
  • Click here for a copy of our endowment policies.

If one of your clients arranges an estate gift for the benefit of FSP, we would very much appreciate knowing about the gift, both so we can express our sincere gratitude and – as noted above – so we can make sure we will be able to fulfill the donor’s wishes. Of course, we respect the fact that in some cases, donors prefer to remain anonymous.

Still, if you are willing to serve as an intermediary, a client of yours can share information about his or her plans without divulging his or her identity.

  • Click here to learn more about Legacy Society.
  • Click here for a confidential form that can be used in notifying Fenway School of Psychology that an estate gift has been arranged for its benefit.  

Finally, we want to be of assistance to you in any way you can, whether you are simply looking for general information about charitable giving, considering particular options on behalf of a particular client, or needing our cooperation in the administration of a bequest or other type of planned gift. 

Thank you for the work you do on behalf of our donors!

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